kdf-50we655 Lamp Replacement| 2100u Bulb for Sony Wega TV kdf50we655

kdf-50we655 Lamp Replacement| 2100u Bulb for Sony Wega TV kdf-50we655 – Get the best price on kdf-50we655 Lamp now!

kdf-50we655 Lamp ReplacementFor Part Number: XL-2100U, A-1606-034B, A-1606-034-B, A1606-034B.

How To Replace Sony TV kdf-50we655 Lamp XL2100u Instructions:  Get the best price on kdf-50we655 Lamp now!

  1. Let your Sony TV kdf-50we655 cool down at least 30 minutes before taking any more steps.  You don’t want to get burned!  Safety first.
  2. Removing the black screw on the side of the metal cage of your Sony TV kdf50we655.
  3. Remove the screws holding the metal securing extensions in place.
  4. Separate the high temperature plastic base with the XL2100 bulb attached from the rest of the enclosure.
  5. On two of the four corners you’ll find a metal clip like, holding the XL2100u lamp in place.
  6. Take the metal clip out and slip the old XL2100 bulb out from the corner you unscrew the clip.
  7. Take out  your new XL2100u Bulb so you can replace the old one. Be extra careful when handling the XL2100 bulb, it’s very fragile.
  8. Insert the new kdf-50we655 bulb back, and make sure the cables are connected securely and in the right place on the base of the Sony TV kdf-50we655.
  9. Grab the rest of the enclosure and install in back on to the kdf-50we655 bulb, but don’t forget to place the security.
  10. Reinsert the black screw to hold the enclosure back together.
  11. Place the last two screws to hold the metal extensions and make sure it doesn’t move.
  12. After installing the replacement bulb, you should wipe it with a clean cloth to avoid any dirt or oil. Our hands are naturally oily, which could reduce the life span of the new XL2100 lamp.
  13. Nice, you’re done – good job.  Reward yourself by watching your favorite TV show on your awesome Sony TV kdf-50we655.

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